Consultation at $50* (U.P. $150) on your first visit when you register and book an appointment with us via the booking form!

Atlas Podiatry is a Podiatry clinic that specializes in non-surgical procedures and therapies for the lower limb, foot and ankle.

Helmed by a team of senior podiatrists, Atlas Podiatry takes on an evidence-based approach to tailor the best care for all patients. With prior experience in the podiatry unit in a restructured hospital, the team has served patients from all walks of life and is well-versed in the management of various lower limb conditions, including musculoskeletal problems of the feet, and providing holistic care for the diabetic foot.

We firmly believe that our feet deserve the best care, and we are here to support our patients through their journey with us.

Meet Our Team

Principal Podiatrist

Renee Lee

A Member of Livingstone Health