Toenail surgery for ingrown toenails is usually recommended when conservative treatments have not effectively resolved the issue or when the ingrown toenail is causing severe pain, infection, or other complications.

Ingrown toenails occur when a corner or edge of the nail grows into the surrounding skin. Most ingrown toenails care be treated conservatively. However, in cases where the ingrown toenail severe or recurrent, a Podiatrist may offer a nail removal surgery. There are different type of surgical treatment for ingrown toenails. Commonly, a partial nail removal is performed under local anaesthesia, where the sides of the ingrown toenail will be removed. Techniques can be used to effectively prevent future regrowth of the ingrown toenail.

After the procedure, a dressing will be applied to over the toe and is usually removed, checked, and redressed after 2 days. During this time, it is recommended to keep your foot raised and wear slippers or sandals. Avoid strenuous activity and get plenty of rest to allow your toe to heal properly. The average healing time will take about 4 to 6 weeks. You may be also advised on pain relief medication and antibiotics to prevent infection.