There can be several causes leading to an ingrown toenail such as improper cutting, tight footwear and unreasonable pressure on the toes. Should you be suffering from an ingrown toenail, it is extremely important that you seek ingrown nail treatment immediately. If not,  the affected site gets worse with every passing day. The following things lead to ingrown toenails:

  • Curved Nails
  • Improper Nail Clipping
  • Long-term show wearing
  • Athletic activities

When Do You Need Help?

  1. Curved Nails:

The most common cause of ingrown toenails is curved nails. These nails are embedded a little too much in the skin or the skin around the nail is too thick to allow natural and outward growth of the nail, causing it to become ingrown. If you have curved toenails, you are at risk of an ingrown toenail that needs fixing using a toe brace for ingrown toenails.

  1. Improper Clipping:

Many people clip their nails mindlessly and in doing so, improper clipping often happens which leaves nails with sharp edges or uneven cuts. Both these things put you at great risk for ingrown toenails as sharp and uneven edges can easily pierce the skin as the nail grows and a little pressure is applied there. It is best to go to a podiatrist to get your nails checked before it develops into an ingrown toenail.

  1. Prolonged Shoe Wearing:

Wearing shoes for a long time can put you at risk of ingrown toenails, especially if your shoes are uncomfortable, do not fit well, or are too tight. The wrong pair of shoes can exert pressure onto the skin around toenails, causing the skin to press on the toenails and result in an ingrown toenail. If you start to experience pain in your toes, it is time for ingrown toenail session, which you should be getting anyway if you wear shoes for a long time.

  1. Athletic Activities:

Athletes do not only wear shoes for long hours, they are also more likely to get themselves injured. While doing so, the toenail can break and there can be an unnoticeable sharp edge to it that can lead to an ingrown toenail. Moreover, athletes sweat more which makes their nails and skin around them soft, resulting in them having a higher chance to get ingrown toenails! This thus requires ingrown nail treatment from a specialist for ingrown toenail.

Our Treatment Process

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