Sesamoid injuries can vary in type and severity, affecting the small sesamoid bones located within tendons, usually in areas of high pressure and friction.

What are the Types of Sesamoid Injuries?

1. Turf Toe

It is soft tissue damage to the area around the big toe joint. It usually happens when the big toe joint is stretched past its standard range of motion. The turf toe produces severe swelling and discomfort right away. It typically affects the entire big toe joint, limiting toe motion. A turf toe can result in a fracture of the sesamoid or an injury to the soft tissue connected to it. You may experience a “pop” during injury.

2. Fracture

A sesamoid fracture can be chronic or acute.

Acute Fracture:

It is caused by a direct strike to the bone. An acute sesamoid fracture causes rapid pain and edema at the fracture site, although it never affects the whole joint. A stress fracture is a persistent fracture which is usually caused by continuous overuse or stress.

Chronic Fracture:

Long-term pain in the ball of the foot beneath the big toe joint is caused by a chronic sesamoid fracture. The discomfort, which comes and goes, is typically increased by exercise and relieved by rest.

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