Proper wound treatment promotes healing, prevents complications, and improves an individual’s overall quality of life. Our Podiatrists are experts in wound management and are trained to provide detailed wound assessment, advice and gold standard treatments.

What to expect during your appointment

  • Medical history taking
  • Neuropathy and vascular test
  • Detailed wound assessment
  • Wound debridement (removal of dead and unhealthy tissue) and dressing
  • Adjunct therapy options to assist in faster healing of wounds
  • Wound and foot care advice
  • Offloading, customized orthotics and footwear recommendations to heal and prevent wound recurrence
  • Regular Podiatry follow up and examination to monitor foot condition and prevent the cascade of events that may lead to limb loss

Atlas Podiatry also offers advanced wound care therapies such as negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), total contact casting etc., as prescribed by doctors. Onward surgical referral may be recommended as required.