At Atlas Podiatry, our Podiatrists are equipped with the knowledge, experience, skills and tools to professionally treat your fungal skin and nail infections, assess the cause and prevent the problem from recurring. We are dedicated to providing quality foot care and adhere to strict infection control standards where sterile instruments are used so that there is no chance of cross contamination between patients.

When Do You Need Help from a Fungal Nail Specialist? 

  1. Common Symptoms:

If you notice any of the common and observable symptoms of nail fungus, you will require treatment. Common symptoms include pigmentation, whitish residue on nails, white or yellow strikes, a residue under or on the sides of the nails, etc. These symptoms can predict a developing fungal infection and you should get it checked by a fungus nail specialist on a priority basis.

  1. Thickening of Nails:

As the fungal infection develops and causes plaques under the nail, it can make the nail grow thicker, rigid, and hard to cut. It can further lead to inconvenience and pain in nail clipping, giving you overall poor feet hygiene which can cause further nail problems.

  1. Change in Shape:

If left unattended for a long time, fungal infections can distort the normal nail shape. It can not only make your feet ugly and cause you inconvenience in walking as the pressure from the distorted nail shape will hurt your skin, but it can also result in an ingrown toenail.

  1. Contact:

Nail fungus is transmissible through physical contact as mentioned above. Hence if you have been in contact with someone who has a fungal toenail, you can also be a potential carrier. Similarly, nail fungus can also be transmitted through the use of unsterilized equipment especially during pedicures.

Fungal skin and nail treatment are especially helpful for those who have

  • Diabetes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Pain or discomfort due to thickened / deformed nails
  • Concerns about the appearance of their skin and nails

Our Treatment Process:

Get your nail inspected at early stage

Our Treatment Process Involves:

  • Skin and nail assessment
  • Removal of damaged nail
  • Initiation of suitable, safe, clinically proven antifungal therapy such as Lunula Laser
  • Patient education on ongoing care, usage of antifungal creams and footwear to maintain good foot health and prevent recurrence of fungus
  • Follow up appointments will be tailored according to individual’s condition and their needs