Customized insoles helps to provide support, stability, and comfort for the feet. They can provide additional arch support, which is particularly helpful to individuals who have flat feet or high arches.

Who Needs Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics can assist with many different conditions, from skin conditions like calluses to foot pain like plantar fasciitis. Many people can benefit from the use of clinical foot orthotics if they have:

  • Pronated foot (the foot rolling inwards)
  • Supinated foot (foot rolling outwards)
  • Foot structures like high arch or flat foot
  • Callus or corn
  • Arthritis caused by poor foot alignment
  • Foot deformity like bunion
  • Injuries from sports or exercise

People with the above conditions will also need the right type of shoes for their condition. It is best to be assessed by a Podiatrist before buying shoes or foot orthotics for your lower limb problem to ensure you have the best support for your condition.

How Can A Podiatrist Help

Every foot is different, even our own two feet is not the same. It is important to be checked by a Podiatrist before you embark on your orthotic journey to ensure you have the appropriate clinical foot orthotic device for your condition. A well prescribed foot orthotics should be comfortable after the adaption period and should be pain-free for your daily activities and exercises.

At Atlas Podiatry, we take pride in providing the best for our patients and our podiatrists have extensive clinical knowledge and experience to ensure success in your recovery. A 3D scanner is used to capture your foot profile to ensure accurate fit for your feet.

Our orthotics are all specifically prescribed for your feet to ensure comfort for your every step. We provide build to order (BTO) orthotics, 3D printed orthotics and traditional custom orthotics. Orthotics recommended will depend on your condition.

3D Printed Orthotics

At Atlas Podiatry, we offer the newest technology – 3D printed orthotics. 3D printing is the latest technology used in manufacturing foot orthotics to provide the support you need for your feet. From 3D scanning of your feet to 3D printing of the orthotics, you can ensure your 3D printed orthotics are made accurately to your feet.

Atlas 3D Scanning gif

3D printed orthotics are made from Enviro Poly, which is made from renewably sourced castor oil plants and has been rigorously tested by Australian universities in the application of foot orthotics. Using the latest industrial grade 3D printer, each orthotic is printed layer by layer,  each as small as 100 microns.

3d printing

Our 3D printed orthotics are made to last and environmentally friendly. 3D printed orthotics reduces manufacturing waste by 99% compared to traditional orthotics manufacturing methods They can be custom made to thickness as thin as 2mm and are light weight, improving shoe fit and gait efficiency compared to traditional orthotics.

A visit to our Podiatrist will include a thorough assessment which consists of thorough history taking of your problem, biomechanics assessment, standing and gait (walking) analysis, footwear assessment and individualized treatment plan for your condition.

Please contact or visit us for more information.