Flat foot is common in both children and adults. Initially, all children have flat feet until they reach the age of 3 years but if they still don’t develop an arch by that time, you might need flat foot child treatment. Similarly, adults can either be having this problem undiagnosed that starts to cause a problem later on or they can even develop it later on due to some injury. You might need treatment if:

  • You have flat feet
  • Your child is not good with balancing himself
  • You suffered an injury especially on your feet or limbs
  • You are of old age

When Do You Need Help of a Flat Feet Specialist?

    1. As Soon As You Have Flat Feet:

If you have flat feet, it is important to seek flat feet treatment as having flat feet increases your risk of developing complications such as acute and chronic pain in limbs and lower back, deformed bones, and bad posture. A flat foot specialist will prescribe you appropriate measures so that you can prevent any of these complications in the future.

   2. For Children:

Even though children may not face any complications of flat feet until their teenage years, your child may experience pain and discomfort during his growing years. Hence, it is important to bring your child for flat foot child treatment to avoid any complications in the future.

   3. Injuries and Trauma:

Our muscles and ligaments have a crucial role to play to give our feet that well-defined foot arch. Many people who go through physical trauma or accident either damage that area or their muscles lose the power to maintain the shape over time. A flat feet specialist can prescribe appropriate equipment and methods to prevent further damage and ease your problem.

   4. Old Age:

People with flat feet might spend most of their lives without any serious complications but old age might not spare them as our muscles and ligaments naturally become weaker with age, contributing to the flat feet problem. A flat foot specialist can suggest special shoes, staggering, isolating, or other certified ways to provide comfort to the elderly and aid them in their daily chores.

Our Treatment Process

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We use all the approved methods available for the treatment of flat feet including non-surgical treatment methods, such as insoles.