Information about Your Sole(made)

These orthoses have been made specifically for you.

To help you adjust to your new orthoses, follow these steps

  1. Wear your orthoses for one hour at the start
  2. Increase the time by one hour daily until they are comfortable to be worn all-day
  3. Do not use them for sports until you are comfortable walking in them
  4. Your Podiatrist will review your progress in a few weeks, you should be comfortable wearing your orthoses all day by then

Speak to your Podiatrist if you experience any discomfort from your custom-made orthoses.

How To Take Care Of Your Sole(made)

Avoid Getting Them Wet

Insoles with foam cushions or that are covered in cloth can get damaged if exposed to water. If they get wet, dry them with a towel and then place them in an area with a lot of ventilation, avoiding direct sunlight, allowing them to lay flat. Ensure that they are completely dry before using them.

Hand Wash Them

To ensure that your orthoses last as long as possible, it is important to wash them whenever you notice they are particularly dirty. Cleaning them regularly will ensure that odors are minimized and that they do not develop stains.

Hand wash them with a damp cloth and a bit of mild soap. Do not submerge them underwater. Ensure that they are completely dry before using them.

Check Them Periodically for Signs of Wear and Tear

While custom-made foot orthotics are designed with quality materials that are meant to last, it is still important to periodically check for signs of general wear and tear and replace them as necessary. The average lifespan can vary a lot depending on their use, so ensure that you replace them as necessary to remain pain-free.

Custom orthotics should always be worn with clean socks to prevent excessive perspiration, which can damage orthotics. If your feet perspire heavily, your orthotics will require more frequent cleaning.