Maggot Debridement Therapy secretes enzymes that break down dead tissue, effectively cleaning the wound and promoting the removal of debris, bacteria, and biofilm. It can also aid in wound healing by stimulating blood circulation.

How does MDT work?

At Atlas Podiatry, we use MEDIFLI maggots that are able to debride necrotic zones at a cellular level and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy zones on a biochemical level. They actively reduce the bio-burden and simultaneously remove pathogenic microbes by consumption, removing and processing necrosis away from the wound bed.

This MDT process does not traumatise the wound bed, and in fact stimulates granulation of the healthy tissue beneath. A successful MDT therapy is completed in a matter of days, reducing treatment time to achieve a positive clinical outcome, compared to traditional methods. Additionally, NO antibiotics are required during the standard MDT process, and it is also a pain-free process.

The patient is placed in a comfortable position and the wound is first cleaned and prepared.

The maggots, which are sterile and stored in vials, are then carefully applied directly on to the surface of the wound, while the primary dressing is done, followed by the secondary dressing. The maggots will stay on the wound for about 48 hours. This cycle repeats about three to five times, depending on the patient’s progress and condition.

What can MDT treat?

  • Chronic Wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers