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Our Clinic & Team

John Chang

Senior Podiatrist

Bachelor of Applied Science

Master of Podiatric Practice (Aus)

John graduated from La Trobe University (Melbourne) with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Podiatric Practice under a Training Grant awarded by MOHH.

He practiced in Tan Tock Seng Hospital where he had extensive experience in treating a large variety of patients including the high risk foot population to patients experiencing biomechanical conditions of the lower limb. This has provided him with opportunities to manage patient groups ranging from the everyday athlete, to national athletes whilst encompassing a wide diversity of age groups.

John understands that there’s a correlation between how the entire body moves and how it co-relates to lower limb, ankle and foot conditions. This allows him to have a comprehensive and holistic approach when attending to his patient’s concerns. His special interest lie in musculoskeletal/biomechanics and sports related conditions of the lower limb, foot and ankle.

His passion for sports medicine had also led him to work with an Australian rules football team (under a sports trainer certification by Sports Medicine Australia) where he managed the teams exercise training regimens, rehabilitation programs and acute/emergency injury assessments on and off the field.

In his free time, John can be found in the gym performing strength & conditioning training, engaging in adventure sports and enjoying a slice of pizza!

At Atlas Podiatry, John offers a wide range of conservative treatments for lower limb conditions such as Lunula Cold Laser, Onyfix, Toe Nail SurgeryCustomized Foot Orthotics Shockwave therapy (ESWT), SIS Therapy and Diabetic Foot Management.


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